Political theatres in the urban periphery
Bitácora Urbano Territorial, v28, n2, pp. 125-134, 2018

Architecture for politics
in RIBA President's Awards for Research 2017 Book, Forthcoming 2018

Political interiors
in Space and Culture Journal, 2017 (OnlineFirst, Forthcoming)

Arquitetura como dispositivo político
in Revista Prumo, 2017

Spatial cultures of public libraries
UCL PhD Thesis, 2016
Shortlisted for the Riba President's Awards for Research 2017

Space and planned informality
in A|Z ITU Journal of Architecture, Istanbul, 2014.
Presented and published in the 9th International Space Syntax Symposium, Seoul, South Korea, 2013
[with Sophia Psarra]

Rio Metropolitano
Book, 2012
Launched at Columbia University Studio X, Rio de Janeiro / and Architectural Association, London.
Exhibited at the 10th Sao Paulo International Biennale of Architecture (October 2013)
Honourable Mention at IAB Annual Award (Institute of Architects of Brazil) (December 2013)
Honourable Mention at IX Bienal Iberoamericana (May 2014)
Honourable Mention at the 2014 ANPARQ AWARD (National Association of Research and Postgraduate Studies in Architecture and Urbanism)
[with Guilherme Lassance and Pedro Varella]