Arquitetura pública da periferia metropolitana
Pesquisa no Prourb Fau UFRJ, 2017-atual

Contemplado com Bolsa de Pós-Doutorado FAPERJ Nota 10

Contemplado com Fomento CNPq 2018-21

Political Architecture in Medellín
PhD Research at The Bartlett, UCL
Awarded Scholarship from CAPES Foundation
Supervisors: Sophia Psarra and Alan Penn

Shortlisted for the RIBA President's Awards For Research 2017 Category: 'Cities and Communities'

Rio Metropolitano
‘Rio Metropolitano: Guia para uma arquitetura’, com Guilherme Lassance e Pedro Varella

2013 – Exhibited at the 10th Sao Paulo International Biennale of Architecture (selected by an open call).
2013 – Honourable Mention at IAB Annual Award (Institute of Architects of Brazil), in the category of theoretical production.
2014 – Honourable Mention at IX Bienal Iberoamericana.
2014 – Honourable Mention at the ANPARQ AWARD (National Association of Research and Postgraduate Studies in Architecture and Urbanism)

Morfologia e espaços livres
Pesquisa de IC contemplada com bolsa CNPq (2008-11) no PROARQ Fau UFRJ.