2017-18__ Atelier PACC Periferia,
a design module at Fau UFRJ. In collaboration with Guilherme Lassance, Priscila Coli, André Cavendish, Diego Portas and Camille Reiss; and with professors from FADU Buenos Aires (Polo Jaime and Daniel Kozak)

2017__ Atelier PA1: “Habitar em Coletivo”. Design module at Fau UFRJ

2014-15__ Course Structure and Syllabus for the Design Studio "Emerging Design Research
In the course "MSc Spatial Design Architectures and Cities" at the Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL
In collaboration with Sophia Psarra, Fani Kostourou and Kimon Krenz

2011__ Rio Airport International Workshop for Architecture
In collaboration with FAU-UFRJ, ÉnsaV and Columbia University StudioX

2010__ Oficina Nacional: O Arco Metropolitano do Rio de Janeiro
Working in the research on Open Spaces Systems, at PROARQ/FAU-UFRJ, coordinated by Vera Tângari

2010__ "Entre-Vistas" Exhibition
At EAV Parque Lage, Parque Lage School of Visual Arts

2018__ Participação nas Mesas “Lições do Ordinário” e “Mobilidade Urbana e Cidade” no ENANPARQ, na FAU UFBA, Salvador. Com Camille Reiss e André Cavendish

2017__ Apresentação no Evento Ser Urbano, na PUC-Rio, com o título “Infraestruturas Políticas”

2015__ Lecture for the Design Studio "Collective Space" at DAU/PUC-Rio "Arquitetura como dispositivo político: o caso dos Parques-Biblioteca de Medellín"

2015__ Paper Presentation at Curated Session of 10th International Space Syntax Symposium, in London, UK, with the paper entitled "Disciplined Informality"

2013__ Paper Presentation at 9th International Space Syntax Symposium, in Seoul, South Korea, with the paper entitled "Space and Planned Informality"

2013__ Exhibition at 10th Sao Paulo International Biennale of Architecture, with the work "Metropolitan Rio: guide for an architecture"

2013__ Lecture for the MA/MArch in Housing and Urbanism at the AA School "Metropolitan Rio: a design research"

2013__ Exhibition at "Festival Circo Digital", with the work "Urban Keloids: Participatory surfaces - Parametria participativa para o Largo da Carioca"

2012__ Public Lecture "Rio: Metropolitan Architecture", at International Workshop Metropolis and the Contemporary Airport
[organized by ÉNSA-V, FAU-UFRJ and ÉNSA-Marseille]

2012__ Paper Presentation at 8th International Space Syntax Symposium, in Santiago de Chile, with the paper entitled "Metropolitan Architecture: the hidden design lessons"

2011__ Paper Presentation at International Seminar on Urban Form, in Montreal, with the paper entitled "Urban Morphology and the Open Spaces Sytems in Rio de Janeiro"

2011__ Lecture, presenting the project "Processos Habitacionais" at Made in Rio Internacional Workshop for Architecture
[organized by FAU-UFRJ, ÉnsaV and Columbia University StudioX]

2011__ Paper presentation at Spaces and Flows International Conference, in Prato, Italy, with the paper entitled "Presence and Generic City"

2011__ Lecture "9x Maracanã" for the students of the Design Studio Architecture of the Contemporary City, at FAU/UFRJ

2011__ Paper presentation at National Conference of the (Brazilian) Agency for Urban and Regional Planning, in Rio de Janeiro, with the paper entitled "Projeções Urbanas - O Arco Metropolitano do Rio de Janeiro"

2010__ Public Lecture "Generative Processes in Architecture", presenting the projects: "Parametric Self-construction" (2010) and "Raízes Lamp" (2010)

2009__ Project Presentation "Water as a Tool of Urban Reneration", exhibited at FAUUSP, in São Paulo (2009); at MEC, in Rio de Janeiro (2009); and at IFLA Congress 2009, also in Rio

2005__ "Luz-Própria" Exhibition
[organized by EAV-Parque Lage and NAT-Oi]

2005__ "Noite do Filme Livre" Exhibition
[organized by EAV-Parque Lage]

2018__ Convidado para Co-orientar grupo de projeto no Workshop Sobreterritório, na PUC-Rio. Com Luisa Bogossian e André Velloso

2015__ Course "Research Methods in the Arts and Humanities", at UCL, London

2015__ Course "Creative Coding: Programming for Art", at Monash University, Melbourne

2014__ Course "Philosophy of Science", at UCL, London

2014__ Symposium "Type vs Typology"
[at Architectural Association, London]

2013__ Seminar "Designing your Library for Interactivity"
[by Library Journal, Boston]

2013__ Course: "Spatial Statistics, at Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis - UCL, London

2010__ Course: "Exhibition Design", at Parque Lage School of Visual Arts, Rio de Janeiro

2010__ International Workshop Infrastructure and City
[by PUC-RIO, FAU/UFRJ and ÉnsaV]

2010__ Workshop DIA - Designing Interface Architecture
[by IaaC, LaN e FABberZ]

2009__ Course: "Lighting for Art", at Parque Lage School of Visual Arts, Rio de Janeiro

2009__ North Rio International Workshop
[by PUC-RIO, FAU/UFRJ and ÉnsaV]

2007__ Workshop Landscape Architecture

2006__ Workshop Temporalities, Public Space and Art
[by Bauhaus-Universität Weimar]