Public Competition for Urban Design at Itaipú, Niterói
Project, Competition


[working at CAMPOaud, Rio de Janeiro]

The Urban, Social and Environmental Project for the Canto de Itaipu neighborhood aimed to stimulate economic and social development of the local fishing community through a project of urban intervention that sought to stop the current process of degradation and revitalize their surroundings through a set of actions and propositions that expected to preserve the cultural values of traditional fishing and the historical, natural and environmental heritage present in the area.

The intervention project started with the awareness that the problems faced by the area would only be fully resolved in its relationship with the city, nature and heritage, if their environmental, cultural, design and urban planning were developed to act together. Along with the strengthening of the economic activities of artisanal fishing and tourism, it is clear that Canto de Itaipu provides a unique context that brings the potential qualities of becoming an exemplary sustainable urban development. Thus, this project articulated the different agents involved, broadening the spectrum of solutions and guidelines.

It was of vital importance to this project, the adoption of a participatory process that included a schedule of meetings, workshops and presentations involving local residents, local and public authorities and other groups of interest. This allowed a channel for ongoing dialogue and communication in two-way street, with all the actors involved in the project. The attraction of the actors to the process of establishing best urban solutions was crucial to the success of the initiative and their commitment to the project.