Emerging Design Research
Design Studio Unit at The Bartlett, UCL

Emerging Design Research (EDR) module for the MSc Spatial Design: Architecture and Cities, at The Bartlett, UCL, 2014-15.

[with Sophia Psarra, Fani Kostourou and Kimon Krenz]

In this design studio, we also organised the Seminar RioAtRio, at Columbia GSAPP Studio X, Rio de Janeiro.

The module prepares participants for a comprehensive design domain in which architecture, the social, and the city are framed as one thing. The module engages design as a form of research and interacts with theoretical and analytical modules in the SD:AC MSc. It takes the view that design innovation comes from the diversity of knowledge held by buildings, cities and the multiple actors involved in their production, rather than a-priori ideas of novelty and a tabula rasa approach, or nostalgia for an urbanity that mimics the old. More than training students how to produce expressive buildings, it embraces design as a catalyst of urban change, and a dynamically changing field.